The famed Westminster Kennel Club show is held each year in February in New York City. Established in 1877, the Westminster Kennel Club is America's oldest organization dedicated to the sport of purebred dogs. We at Loteki Papillons have been honored not only to participate in the Westminster show 11 times, but a Loteki bred Papillon has won Best of Breed 7 times. In 1999, CH Loteki Supernatural Being became the only Papillon in the history of Westminster to ever win the prestigious Westminster Best In Show.  Here are the highlights from our Westminster history:


1986 WB: Loteki Laser Beam to finish. WD/BOW: Hallmark's St. Nicholas
1989 BOS: CH Loteki Denzel Make-Believe
1993 BOB: CH Loteki Supernatural Being
1995 BOB: CH Loteki The Winds Of Fortune
1996 BOB & G1: CH Loteki Supernatural Being
1997 BOB: CH Loteki Good Time Charlie
1998 BOB: CH Loteki Supernatural Being
1999 Best In Show: CH Loteki Supernatural Being
2000 BOB: CH Loteki Beach Party
2001 Littermates CH Loteki Royal Heir & CH Loteki Her Royal Highness
2004 CH Loteki Naturally Phenomenal entry accepted-unable to attend

...a few Westminster Photos
Loteki Westminster Photos


...a few Westminster memories

My first Westminster was in 1986. I traveled to New York City with Leona Domino and had planned this trip for a long, long time. Two days before we were to leave, I accidentally tore my cornea and ended up with a HUGE eye patch and had to have the dressing changed daily. My doctor was not going to allow me to go, until I explained that Leona was a RN and could keep a close eye on it. I know that the taxi ride from the airport was scary, but thankfully I could only see out of one eye!

We went on a paid bus tour of New York, had fun in China town, went to the Dog Writers' dinner and had a great time. At the Dog Writer's dinner, Maxwell Riddle came up and introduced himself to me. As I was wearing a black eye patch, he told me, "You are cutest pirate here." Of course, I was the ONLY one wearing an eye patch. By Monday morning, excitement was rising as I realized that  I was actually going to be on the floor of Westminster! I felt a bit off but did not realize I was running a temperature of 103. I showed my dog, Hallmark's St. Nicklaus to WD/BOW (who I co-owned Tracy Halverson and breeder, Jerrilyn Naylor). I was thrilled to see my own breeding, Loteki Laser Beam, win WB to finish her championship title, shown by Leona. I sat on the bench all day, fought the incredible crowd of spectators and much later, went back to the hotel.

The next day, I was even sicker and had to maneuver through LaGuardia. Leona was resourceful and hired a wheelchair to get me through the crowds and down the long walkways. There were some weather related delays but we did get off the ground with a change of planes in St. Louis. I spent the next week in bed with a horrible case of the flu and great memories of my first trip to New York City and Westminster.

In 1993, I spent a long day speculating the outcome of BOB, as CH Loteki Supernatural Being, a.k.a. Kirby was being shown by his co-owner, John Oulton, for his first time at Westminster. It was later that evening that I discovered that Kirby had won BOB, while watching him enter the ring for the televised groups.

I, personally, did not return to New York for 10 years, until I made the trip in 1995. This time I traveled alone and brought CH Loteki The Winds Of Fortune and CH Loteki Royal Endeavor. I did meet up with a friend, Diane Vasey, who at the time was the editor for the AKC Gazette. We went to Brooklyn and also attended one of the many Westminster functions. Meg Klein arrived the next day and we spent a busy weekend going to Westminster parties and taking a car tour of some of the state of New York. Sunday night, Meg and I left New York City to ride the train back to Diane's home, so we could get the two Papillons groomed and ready for the next day. We also were going to groom Diane's American Cocker, so she could take him into the city for a handler to evaluate. We arrived at the station after midnight, took a cab to the house, and realized we had not been given a key to get in. It was cold; We went around the house several times, checking windows and doors in case one was unlocked. The three- season room was unlocked but the door into the house was locked. Meg and I managed to 'break' in using brute force on an aluminum door! Meg was laying on the floor laughing and I couldn't believe what she had just done! We laughed about it for quite some time and referred to our trip as "Meg & Lou Ann's Excellent Adventure". The next day, 19 month old CH Loteki The Winds Of Fortune, a.k.a. Gusty, was BOB  and shown by Wendell Sammett.

In 1996, I returned to Westminster with Cindy Crowder who showed Gusty. We had a grand time, enjoying the city, seeing the sights, going to some shows, buying merchandise from street vendors and just having fun. Kirby won BOB again and this time he went Group 1! I had planned to return home on Tuesday, but made alternative arrangements so I could watch him in the group, being handled by his co-owner, Mr. Oulton. It was so incredible to feel all the excitement and tension on Tuesday night while the Best In Show judging was going on. Yes, it was a disappointment not to win but just to be one of the 7 finalists, well, that is something that one just cannot describe!

In 1997, Cindy Crowder and I once again returned to New York, this time joined by Pamela Norberg and Jan Bottorff (Candid Labradors). It was a wonderful trip and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. That year, CH Loteki Good Time Charlie, a.k.a. Charles, was BOB handled by Jan. It was quite a media stir as Kirby was the 'favorite' to win the Breed. I found myself in the middle of it, as I loved and supported both Loteki dogs! What a thrill!

In 1998, I made the trip again with Cindy Crowder. She showed her bitch, Rorralore Quintessa, to WB at the Progressive KC show on Friday. We attended the 1st-NE Regional Papillon specialty that was held at 'The Pier'. I was fortunate to show my puppy dog, Loteki The Colors Of The Wind to WD and an AOM for 5 points.

This trip was particularly stressful, as I had just been served with legal documents notifying me that John Oulton was suing me in order to break our long-standing written agreement concerning Kirby. I had spent the day before I left trying to engage an attorney in Connecticut over the telephone, wiring a retainer, while getting ready for my late afternoon flight.

In 1999, I once again made the trip to New York and again met Cindy Crowder. We attended the 2nd NE Regional Specialty on Saturday where I handled Loteki Royal Heir to WD for 5 points. Cindy handled CH Loteki Beach Party to BOS and Kirby was BOB. It was a lovely day for Loteki owned and bred Papillons.

On Monday, Kirby, shown by Oulton, was BOB and Group 1. History was made as the only Papillon to win the group at Westminster had now done it again! I got up on Tuesday, made my way to the airport and flew home. I knew I could view the Best In Show competition via the televised coverage and watched Kirby win Best In Show at a friend's home. CH Loteki Supernatural Being had once again made history! This time, however, I was his breeder alone, no longer his owner. The phone rang off the wall practically immediately and continued for a couple weeks.

In 2000, I headed for New York with CH Loteki Beach Party and met up with Cindy Crowder and Laura Koncel. Bikini loved NYC and took to walking in the crowds like she had been doing it all her life. She never missed a beat nor slowed down when entering our hotel... just went right through the front door when the doorman opened it. Cindy, Laura and I enjoyed some shows, some shopping, and the food! Cindy's mom and her husband also came to New York for the excitement. We really had a terrific time. Sunday, we made the trip out to Long Island for relaxation at Barbara Manno's home, enjoying both great company and superior food.

Monday morning arrived and we were off for the Garden, Cindy with CH Loteki Royal Heir, "Alex", and me with CH Loteki Beach Party, "Bikini". We had no expectations other than to have a nice time and put on a good show. Others around the ring were displaying their nerves and excitement but Bikini and I remained calm. We put on our 'show' and enjoyed it but I was quite unaware that Mrs. Kendrick was considering us  until the moment she pulled us out and put us at the front of the line and sent us around. I cannot begin to explain the adrenaline rush, the excitement, the sheer panic! Standing in the BOB spot, I was just shaking! It was something that I had dreamed of and watched, but it just isn't the same. This was the real thing; the thing that dreams are made of. I was very lucky to have good people with me, Cindy and Laura, and we took turns on the bench with the dogs. Later that evening, Bikini and I did our 'thing' in the group ring and were pulled out for the final cut. It was wonderful and an experience that will not be forgotten soon. Taeko "Meg" Suga was Bikini's co-owner and we had fulfilled her dreams too. It will always be one of the best times in my life in Papillons.

Cindy and I returned in 2001 with Alex and his litter-sister, CH Loteki Her Royal Highness, a.k.a. Xena. Laura was once again with us. We had stayed together at the home of Mike & Donna Garofalo. We had a wonderful time but brought home no ribbons. Mike and Donna did bring home an AOM with one of their boys, so it was a good trip. I always say, if I can't win, I want my friends to!

I have not returned to New York since then but who knows what the future has in store......





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