The top producer awards are based on the number of titled offspring, as published by the American Kennel Club. Champion, UD and TDX titles are counted and at least half of the offspring required for each title must be champions. No offspring is counted more than once, even if it has earned multiple titles. 


Sire of Distinction 13 or more
Dam of Distinction 10 or more
Sire of Merit 5 to 12
Dam of Merit 4 to 9



1988 Loteki Star Trek of Kasway
1991 Kvar Supernova
1993 Loteki By Moonlight
2000 Denzel Loteki Crown Prince
2000 Loteki Denzel A Touch Of Frost
2001 Loteki Supernatural Being
2003 Loteki Denzel Svengali
2003 Loteki Party Animal
2006 CH Loteki The Winds Of Fortune



1986 Papstedt My Sharonna, CD
1987 Loteki Autumn Magic
1994 Loteki Denzel Fortuneteller
1999 Loteki By Good Fortune
1999 Lightfoot's Bella Luna
2001 Loteki Totally Awestruck
2002 Loteki Life Of The Party
2006 CH Loteki Oh My Goodness



1984 Loteki Star Trek of Kasway
1990 Loteki By Moonlight
1991 Denzel Loteki As If By Magic
1994 Loteki Denzel A Touch Of Frost
1994 Loteki Denzel Svengali
1995 Denzel Loteki Honorbound
1996 Denzel Loteki Spellbound
1996 Loteki Supercharger
1997 Loteki Good Time Charlie
1997 Loteki Party Animal
1999 Denzel Loteki Crown Prince
2000 Denzel Loteki Blackstone
2000 Loteki Supernatural Being
2001 Loteki The Winds Of Fortune
2002 Loteki The Poltergeist
2004 CH Loteki Marquis Zephyr
2006 CH Graycaz Im A Firestarter
2006 CH Loteki Royal Hei



1986 Loteki Autumn Magic
1987 Loteki Harvest Moon
1990 Loteki Totally Mine
1990 Emsjoy French Tarragon
1991 Kasway's SS Enterprise
1992 Denzel Loteki Semiprecious
1992 Loteki Denzel Fortuneteller
1992 Loteki Moonstone
1993 Denzel Loteki The Hypnotizer
1994 Lightfoot's Bella Luna
1995 Denzel Loteki The Magic Touch
1996 Denzel Loteki Crystalline
1996 Loteki Totally Awestruck
1997 Loteki By Good Fortune
1997 Loteki Life Of The Party
1997 Loteki Totally Moonstruck
1999 Loteki Royal Endeavor
2000 Loteki Outrageous Fortune
2002 Loteki Just A Ghost Of A Chance
2003 Loteki Oh My Goodness
2004 Loteki As Good As It Gets
2005 CH Loteki Outrageous Party
2007 CH Loteki Frosting On The Cake




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